KIMC hockey team participating at the KETISA 2018 games at NYS,NAIROBI on 11/10/2018

KIMC Director,Mr.Hiram Mucheke(front row)with the career open day 2018 team

KIMC launches annual career day for schools and surrounding community

KIMC students in sound editing computer laboratory

We train tommorow's media practioners

About KIMC

The Kenya Institute of Mass Communication (KIMC) was established in 1961 and was named as the then Voice of Kenya Training School.

Its main purpose was to train electronic engineering and technicians for the then, Kenya Broadcasting Service (KBS), that was later rebranded in 1962 as the Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC). KBC was then nationalized in 1964, and changed its brand to Voice of Kenya (VOK).

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Tenders & Downloads


The publications department at IIMC has the following objectives:

  • KIMC COMPLAINTS HANDLING PROCEDURE 138 KB                              Download
  • KIMC COMPLAINTS HANDLING POLICY 309 KB                                      Download
  • September 2018 Intake List (Day)Download
  • KIMC SERVICE CHATTER REVISED 474 KB                                               Download
    1. Media Production Centre
    2. Facilities
    3. Adverts & Downloads
    4. E- Resources

    This is a commercial arm of the institute that offers services to external clients in order to generate revenue to support training activities. The services offered by the centre include:

    • Film/ video production services which include: location filming; editing; dubbing.
    • Printing services which include: magazines; newsletters; calendars; booklets; posters; fact sheets.
    • Equipment hiring.
    • Computer Labs
    • Library
    • Dark Rooms
    • Tv and Radio Studio
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